Creativity is the blood that has flooded my veins for as long as I can remember.

When I was 11 years old I was introduced to the world of hip-hop, inspiring me to pick up a note-pad and microphone. Life felt good with a mic in my hands and I’ve been an MC ever since.

I took every art class public school had to offer, I would write rhymes and sketch graffiti and cartoons in my notebooks.

In my early twenties, my music and art started taking on a socially conscious message. My ideas became anti-machine and anti-commercial, while remaining resolutely positive and pro-individual. Why are we here and why must we sell ourselves, and for what, to whom, and why?

Rhyme books became sketchbooks. The work within fuelled by passion, anger, and an instinct that the system is sick, yet a sense of love and light emanated from my pieces. This is where i found my balance.

Always curious, I have worked with an array of media, including, plexiglass, paper, resin, oil, ink, acrylics, pastel, charcoal, photography, silk-screening, phosphoric materials, wood, carving, and computer design.

I didn’t like the idea of selling my art and would rather give my pieces away. Altering someone’s consciousness with my creations was payment, and capital didn’t feel necessary. However one must make dollars and yens because supplies aren’t free, so I resigned to it.

The concept of galleries also bothered me, and as a result I decided to have outdoor guerrilla shows. For example finding an alley, painting the wall white, and hanging my art. Then through texts, emails & phone calls I’m able to have a show.

I will be doing many more impromptu art showings as the weather improves, so get on the email list or find me on Facebook to be notified of the next event.